Covid-19 Regulations

COVID – 19  Health Protocol/guidelines.

Welcome to Greece

The global pandemic caused by Coronavirus COVID – 19 has posed alarming challenges to the whole world.

Greece reacting immediately and effectively managed to deal with the effects, keep the pandemic under control, remain safe, ready to welcome its guests.

Your safety and health as well as our employees’, partners’ and citizens’ are the top priorities of the Greek government.

Under this aspect, Health Protocols have been established and are mandatory in all forms of tourist accommodation.

Kindly note that the restrictions regarding COVID – 19 change often.

Please stay informed before and while traveling.

For more information you may visit the following web sites:


Health Protocols for Tourism accommodation

Mandatory Health Protocols for campsites

Welcome to Camping Athens

Your Health and Safety above all

The measures below have been made in line with the regulations imposed by the Greek Competent Authorities (Ministry of Health – Ministry of Tourism) in order to avoid the spread of corona virus COVID – 19 and protect the safety of guests, staff and citizens.

Under these circumstances please be informed that:

  • Certain services and amenities may be reduced or unavailable.
  • A file is kept for each guest of the campsite and additional documentation and other relevant information may be requested.
  • On arrival, each guest is to declare (sign) that they are free of any possible symptoms of COVID – 19,

       they agree and will comply with regulations applied by the camping.

  • If you have any symptoms or you have been in close contact with anyone with COVID – 19 symptoms, avoid coming to the campsite. Please call National Organisation for Public Health (EODY)Tel. Nr: + 30 210 5 2 1 2 0 5 4  or  1135 day and night (24/7).

This also applies to your family members or your travel companions.

  • Visitors and non residents are not allowed in the Camping.
  • All common areas and communal sanitary facilities are cleaned and disinfected frequently with certified products.
  • Camping staff has been trained to implement the health protocols COVID – 19.
  • The main camping entrance locks at 23 p.m. and unlocks at 07 a.m.

To enter later than 23 p.m., please call the night guard. If you wish to leave before 07 a.m., inform the reception the previous day.

  • In case of emergency call: + 30 6955588827

Check in – Check out process:

  • Reception will be open from 08 a.m. to 22 p.m. daily.
  • The main entrance of the Camping will remain closed but not locked.

Please ring the bell or come on foot to the reception to be informed for COVID-19 camping’s policy and then register.

  • The access to the reception is limited, up to one person. Sanitizing gel, mask and gloves are provided at the reception entrance.

       All surfaces and items are cleaned and often disinfected.

  • Check out is possible until 14 p.m.
  • Do not drive your vehicle to the reception, please come on foot and move it when you are ready to depart from the camping.

Please note that the water supply and the gray water discharge area (camper service point) are located near the exit.

  • Check out by appointment is also possible.

Restaurant – Grocery – Laundry

  • Our restaurant, mini market and laundry will currently remain closed.

Avoid overcrowding,respect social distance

  • Please keep at all time social distance of 1,5 meters, among others. Signs and markings are placed in all indoor – covered shared areas.
  • Wear a mask and gloves in common indoor shared areas.
  • The access to the halls of the sanitary facilities is limited to up to 2 persons, who must wear a mask.
  • Soap and sanitizing gel are available at all the communal sanitary facilities. We kindly ask you to wash your hands with soap and water or hydroalcoholic gel provided upon your entry and exit
  • Do not wander or stay in halls and corridors of the sanitary blocks aimlessly
  • Do not allow children to move around and stay in the sanitary blocks as well as to the common areas
  • Pets are also not allowed in the sanitary blocks and common areas

               Kindly ask you not to empty dirty water or wash in the dish basins and sinks (lavabos):

  • Camping equipment such as floor mats, tents, chairs, tables, etc.
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Bathing your infants and children
  • Fill your cans with water

You may wash clothes to the special clothes washing basins and fill up your cans with water from the blue taps next to the dish basins

  • Cooking on the benches of dish basins and sinks as well as on the tables is prohibited.

Distance between Camping Units:

  • The side distance between each camper, caravan, tent etc. should be 3 meters and 5 meters from their main entrances. Camping staff will show you how to settle down and help you do it.
  • Changing pitch can be possible only after the approval of the reception.
  • Sleeping without tent or in a hammock is not possible.
  • Moving, stopping or parking vehicles in the surroundings of the sanitary blocks as well as on the camping roads is not allowed.
  • It is strictly forbidden to empty the gray water of your camper or caravan to any other place in the camping except the camper service point.
  • Washing of vehicles is not allowed.
  • The protective equipment such as masks, gloves, handcuffs, tissues etc. are discarded in the waste- bins that exist in all areas of the camping (not in recycling bins).
  • Shared equipment and surfaces (taps, caps, hoses, chemical disposal point, waste bins, supply sockets etc.) are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Appearance of suspected cases COVID-!9

               In case you have any of the following symptoms, please report it immediately to the person        

               in charge of the camping (contact the reception) who will inform you of the further mandatory

               procedure to be followed.

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath and breathing difficulties
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat, muscle aches
  • Lack of smell, lack of taste.

People with symptoms have to be restricted in their camping unit (camper, caravan etc.) until they are transferred to the appropriate structures for hosting or treating COVID-19 cases.

Please note that if you do not comply with the above regulations, we reserve the right to end your stay at the campsite.


Health Protocols against COVID19 – Ministrial Decision 1881 / 29-05-2020


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